Simon Barrow

A wizard who specializes in magic missiles, racial slurs, and being better than everyone else.

Things that Simon is good at:
  • Doing damage to a single person
  • Getting killed by Sam
  • Fleeing in terror
  • Being smart
  • Taking damage
Things that Simon is bad at:
  • Living through a single attack
  • Doing damage to a large number of creatures
  • Being pretty
  • Lying
  • Making saving throws

Simon was born in Hath Hall a bit less than one hundred years ago. She is the first and only child of Isaac Barrow, a professor at the Arcane University in Hath Hall, and Catalina Barrow, who died in childbirth. Catalina’s death took a great toll on Isaac’s mental health, causing him to be cold and aloof in all of his social interactions for the remainder of his life. At birth, Isaac mistook his daughter for a boy and named her Simon.

For the first forty years of Simon’s life she saw little of her father, and was raised entirely by a nurse and servants in Isaac’s employ. When Simon was forty-one, her father took a hiatus from his position at the university and gained a grant for a large portion of land from the Lord of Hath Hall. There he worked on a very challenging proof in the seclusion of the countryside. Simon, being a gray elf, hated every minute of her exile to the untamed wilderness. The constant threat of a horrible death by wandering monsters combined with a debilitating grass pollen allergy, made Simon resent her father for the move. It would be another forty years before her father finished his proof and left the manor behind.

By the time Simon was eighty, she had spent several decades in schools of various types. She was master of many subjects and developed a particular affection for the magical arts. When Simon and her father returned to Hath Hall, she immediately enrolled in the Arcane University to become a wizard. She spent twelve years perfecting her magic and graduated near the top of her class.

After graduation, Simon left home to become an adventurer. She met Sam, the person who would be responsible for her first death, and they became best friends. The two of them met Darton, a man who is perpetually near death, and Seatumal, a dwarf so forgetful he forgot that he was better at dodging giants. They were carrying the dead, naked body of a human cleric that no one seems to remember the name of. They met a holy man of Honorus named Paladin and the five companions adventured together for the early portion of Simon’s adventuring career.

While riding towards a temple of Bane in a neighboring province to escape a mind flayer infestation in Rockport, Sam killed Simon with a fireball. When Simon was raised she vowed to repay Sam for killing despite having full understanding that Sam had not intended to kill her.

Simon Barrow

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