Javier Vega

Infiltrator and problem solver for hire


Scout 12/ Warblade 4
Initiative +23
148 HP
AC 28
Fortitude +15
Reflex +24
Wisdom +6

6’ tall, brown skin, brown hair, & fairly unkempt facial hair. Very quick on his feet.


The Vega family is known as a long line of wizards, each generation having passed their knowledge down to their children. When Alfonso and Constantine Vega had their first child, Mariah, she proved a prodigy, and they became so involved in focusing their attention on helping her reach the height of her potential that it was almost a relieve that her younger brother Javier had been born without any talent whatsoever for magic.

The child’s inborn talent for quick and delicate tasks came to the notice of local representatives of Don Puente, who’d spotten the boy utterly outclassing his peers in a game of football. The boy was happy to have the attention, and enjoyed being trained to be unseen as he acted in the forest, moving a fortune of drugs across distant borders without leaving a trace.

However, his actions could not evade gaining attention forever. Several years ago, his unit was ambushed by mages hired by a local king when a bad batch of a sniffing powder popular in many gentleman’s circles, including the young prince’s, were all killed or permanently mentally impaired by a bad batch. His fellow traffickers were wiped out to a man, but one was spared, for fate had found him being hunted down by Mariah Vega, who stood in shock for a but moment before angrily raising a hand and slapping him as hard as she could on in the face, a blow he could easily have avoided but chose to lean in and recieve. A moment later, Javier was several hundred miles away.

The flight, and subsequent periods of wandering or odd jobs had brought him halfway across the world when the night’s sky began to change, and as he learned of the fate that would come to those whose bodies and wills were interwoven with magic, he did not imagine the tremendous cost of life that was coming. He felt instead a lingering sting on his cheek.

Javier Vega

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