Thomas Brannigan

Brannigan is haughty, and prideful, rarely willing to back down from a good fight. He wears his blond hair loose, yet well groomed and his breastplate and armor are well polished.


Thomas Brannigan Human Cleric Level 14 of Olidyra – Chaotic Good HP-124 AC-32 Ref 6(9) Fort 12(15) Will 17(20)

Turn- 9/day, 14 rounds day freedom of movement, 1/day- reroll (Cleric) Spells- 1st- 8 2nd- 8 3rd- 7 4th- 7 5th- 5 6th-5 7th-4

Divine Fortune (immediate)- Turn can immediately give +4 to saves. Divine Justice (swift)- Designate Target- if hit , damage taken normally- can return damage if hit designated target within 1 minute. Divine Ward- By Expending a use of turn, can create a 24 hour link between you and a warded creature. Touch spells become close (55 foot range) Extra Turning +4 turn uses/day Sudden Maximize- 1/day maximize spell Empower Spell+2- 150% damage

Breastplate +4 Shield, Heavy Wooden- +4 Heward’s Haversack- Boots Striding/Springing Amulet of Natural Armor +3 +3 Cloak of Resistance Ring of Feather Falling Cure Moderate Wounds (19) (tied to club) Staff of Healing (6) 2 wands of lessor vigor (34) Periapt of Wisdom +4 wisdom Ring of Protection +2 Diary- the adventures of Brannigan Quill set. Lyric of the Eternal Lotus (read it) Silver Holy Symbol

Renewal Pact (Next adverse effect- cured)- Stalwart Pact (30 hit points, +2 saves, DR 5/magic- 13 rounds at ½ hp)

(8)1st- Protection from evil, Resurgence-, Spiritual Weapon-, Comprehend Languages-, Bless , Status-, Longstrider-,

(8)2nd- Close Wounds x2- , Silence, Frost Breath, Divine Protection-x, Deific Vengeance-, Sound Burst, Divine Insight-

(7)3rd – Conviction Mass-, Ring of Blades, Resist Energy Mass-, Energy Vortex(t), Fly-, Holy Storm,

(7)4th- Assay Spell Resistancex2-, Dimension Door-, Sound Lance-, Restoration-, Moon Bolt x2-,

(5)5th- Empowered Holy Storm-, Revivify- Righteous Wrath of the Faithful- Triadspell-, Flame Strike

(5)6th- Heal ,Cometfall, Mislead, Bolt of Glory-, Empowered Moon Bolt

(4)7th- Greater Teleport-, Destruction-, Fortunate Fate, Summon Monster VII

Concentration 8 / 11

Craft (Woodworking) 4 / 5

Diplomacy 6 / 8

Heal 9 / 17

Knowledge (Religion) 12 / 13

Knowledge (Planes) 5 / 6

Profession 3 / 8

Spellcraft 5 / 6

Spot 7 / 15

Survival 6 / 14


Thomas came from a small, unremarkable manor home in the countryside. Although it was a relatively safe upbringing, Thomas always thought it dull, boring and uninspiring. He was the fourth of seven sons and did not get the attentions of being the best son, nor the worst. He could not wait to depart and jumped at the first chance to get out when a visiting priest of Olidyra named Valdrin dropped by the house. Happy that their son had finally decided on some sort of path for this life, his parents let him go with their blessing.

His early career with Valdrin involved a great deal of healing at local villages. He was often called upon to help heal militia defenders against goblin raids. He grew harder and more confident in those first years, eventually getting skilled enough to join an adventuring group, the crazy eight. The crazy eight had a good deal of success, clearing out two large ruined cities. Eventually the group grew fractured. A group of three felt they took most of the risk and deserved a larger share. Thomas objected and one night the three- a rogue named Lilith, a sorcerer named Krass, and a necromancer named Than turned on the group and killed four of the eight in the middle of the night. Thomas was mortally wounded and left for dead, falling down an old well shaft in a city they were exploring.

In time Valdrin and three of Thomas’ brothers heard of the betrayal and came to look for Thomas’ killer. In the fight that ensued Valdrin and the brothers all perished. Sorcerer Krass fell as well. Lilith and Than, vengeful of their companion’s loss, went to Thomas’ home and wiped out what was left of his family.

Thomas meanwhile was trying to get back to the surface. A group of smirveblin came across him and in exchange for his healing for one year, showed him to the surface. When Thomas finally came home all he found was ruin. He could not even locate the bodies of his family, they had been so badly destroyed.

Left without a family and a home, Thomas now roams the countryside trying to right wrongs and simply live for the road. Scared of taking root, he travels to run away from a past that was ripped from him. He never wants to experience the level of anguish he encountered again.

Thomas Brannigan

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