Mike B's second game

There's a Whole World of People Here

And not all of them want the world saved

The World of Aerth has hundreds upon thousands of people who will be affected by the Spellplague. Knowledge of the Spellplague, and its potentially devastating effects, is limited mostly to people living out in the Spelljammer hubs and powerful adventuring types. The average farmer or shopkeeper has no idea about the impending catastrophe, and the average king thinks it’s just a silly story told by people who have spent too much time out in wildspace.

There are a few organizations and people who do know about it and take the threat seriously.

The party was approached by a man who didn’t wish to give his name, but said that his master is powerful and had many interests across most of the Crystal Spheres. He confirmed that it was Iggwilv who stopped the Spellplague from spreading to Oerth and the same ritual would work on Aerth. He went on to say that Iggwilv put some protections into her book and the knowledge contained that would stop her enemies and people she didn’t like from benefiting from her research. The man said that his master had gotten into some sort of argument with Iggwilv and she made it so that he and all his minions could not read the book. His master wishes that the Spellplague be stopped on Aerth, and believes the party is the best chance. He gave the party a ring that would summon one of his master’s most powerful minions a total of three times.

There is also the Cult of the Green Hand. They are a group of goblin rogues who worship a god called the Green Hand. They believe that when the Spellplague kills all of the spell casters, the power structure will be destroyed and the goblins will be able to take over in its place. Their God has informed them that the party is trying to stop the Spellplague and they have attacked the party several times. Most notably they boarded the party’s ship while it was traveling the phlogiston.

Another group is the Crimson Order. They are a group of Red Dragons from Toril who fled the Spellplague and came to Aerth. They firmly believe that humanoids are worthless and cannot be trusted with the responsibility of saving the world. They wish to kill the party, take the Demonomicon, take all of their treasure, and save the world.

The last is the Cult of He Who is Divine and Righteous Might. They are an evil organization who believe that only the worthy deserve knowledge and that only worshipers of He Who is Divine and Righteous Might are worthy. They were very strong in Aerth a few thousand years ago until they were destroyed by people who they believed were unworthy. There has recently been a resurgence in the cult and they have been scheming to literacy of the masses. Learning from their previous failures, the cult has taken very serious steps to avoid detection by magic. It is believed that they’re lair is not on the planet, somewhere in the wildspace only accessible by Spelljamming ships. They have assaulted many libraries and schools of learning, killing or taking prisoner everyone and stealing the books. One of the libraries contained the Praxus that party seeks. They may not know about the Spellplague, but it is doubtful if they would willing help the party stop it.



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