Mike B's second game

Stay Awhile and Listen

Zuriel tells about the linnorms

I was born in the great oceans. I lived a long and happy life there. When I was 1201 years old, and I was coming to the end of my days, I decided to retire somewhere peaceful rather than be killed by angry kraken or sahuagin raiding party. I swam up river and eventually came to this lake that has since taken my name. I thought it to be a wonderful place to retire in peace. It’s big, had fish to eat, no fearful humanoids to deal with, and most importantly, nothing that could threaten my life.

I was attacked by the linnorm a few days after I arrived. I was resting at the bottom of the lake when it bit me. It was a long fight and it was probably tougher of the two of us, but he made a few mistakes and had some bad luck and I killed it, though I was mortally wounded. Facing my own death, I ate the linnorms body; because I thought that dying hungry would be a bad thing. After that satisfying meal, I said my prayers to Tiamat, and went to sleep.

I awoke what seemed like days later, still hurt, but my wounds healing. That was over two-thousand years ago, quite a bit longer than the lifespan of my kind. I have outlived all of my young, anything else that I knew in the oceans, and a great many civilizations. I barely eat anymore, and I feel younger now than when I went up river years ago. I believe that because of my draconic nature, I gained some of the linnorms qualities, making me more than just a common dragon turtle.

In my years here I have taken an interest in the linnorms, and have studied them for some time.

Linnorms are similar to dragons, but seem to be more primeval, as if they were made by a god who didn’t understand the mortal world and left a few things out. They fly, but have no wings. They like the taste of meat, but they don’t need to ever eat. Their strong and powerful but have no ambition to do anything other than endlessly circle their territory looking for things to kill. They’re rather intelligent, but they kill most things before there’s a chance for conversation. They grow and get more powerful with time, but they don’t die of old age so they’re always seen at the peak of their power. They don’t value material things, but they hate when people take things from their territory, even a rock, and deal with it in the same way they deal with everything else. They are insane in a very special way and I’m pretty sure it was intentionally done by whoever put them here.

There were hundreds of them in these mountains, put here in eons past by an unknown god or maybe even a pantheon to guard something important. My best guess is that they guarded a treasury of some sort and that it was located in a large cave up in the mountains. The gods have long ago faded away from death or lack of worship, and the linnorms eventually broke free of the treasury. Most dispersed across the world and planes, most likely taking parts of the treasury with them, but fourteen linnorms stayed.

The linnorms here are spread out across the country side. One lived in the lake, two more are the forest, another lives in the swamp, and the rest live in the mountains. They all seem to be a bit different when it comes to their different abilities, but their all about as strong as each other.



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