Mike B's second game

So Long and Thanks for All the Power Gaming

The story of the refugees from Toril

They left in the year 1384 DR from Toril. The Spellplague had just begun, and many of them saw with their own eyes as spell casters were burnt from the inside out by a azure fire. No one knew why it was happening, just that the Weave was unraveling and killing anyone or anything that used it.

A man by the name of Joshua, who lived in Daggerdale, owned one of the few spell jamming ships in Faerun that didn’t run on anything involving the Weave. He gathered up as many people as could fit in his ship and left Toril behind. They got out of the crystal sphere only a few hours before the blockade started and wondered the phlogiston looking for a new home.

They found their way into Aerth and the party kindly offered them a place to stay in their little town.



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