Mike B's second game

Beholder Deathstar!

-or- Death in 360 degrees!

So the intrepid adventures went forth in to space to save the world on the word of Ford – a local bard who had been trying to get a spelljamming ship so he cold get off the planet – as he was trying to escape a floating beholder death factory. So they set forth in their mighty floating planetarium. A Tyrant ship of beholders was already fighting the defenses of the Beholder Deathstar trying to claim it for their own. A small group of five beholders came to talk to the adventures and see if the hated beholder mage they knew as a betrayer of the perfection that is their nation, was on board. Scared his fellow beholders would cripple him and trying to stay out of the range of their antimagic rays before his plan could take shape Ford ran below decks. The plan such as it was; using the players and their ship to get by the defenses of the mighty Beholder Deathstar, defenses set, for the most part, against the beholder race. The embraceries began negations in typical beholder fashion; by demanding the surrender of the PC’s. This was, for the most part, refused. The second phase of negations involved fighting the beholders. Not interested in chatting the PC’s won the negations – for the most part. Once in to the gigantic ship they were faced with challenges all involving ego systems (of a sort) built around the eyes stalks of a traditional beholder. And a story was learned:

Long ago a mighty beholder nation commissioned a ship to be built after their mighty Hive Mother passed away. Her eyes were used in creation of the huge ship that went on to wreak havoc among the stars. After a time among the crystal spears the beholder nation began a ritual to turn the Ravager – as they called it – to an artifact and a ship to rival the mighty Spelljammer itself. For an unknown reason this ritual failed and destroyed the nation. For an eon the Beholder Deathstar drifted in to one crystal sphere and out the other stopping to destroy any planets in its way. That is, till a beholder mage learned of its existence and began to develop a plan to wreak vengeance on those of its nation who had cast it out.

Breaking in to the Deathstar and going past an Arcane (interplanetary merchants) warning the investigation of the ship commenced leaving behind a hole in the door, just a small one, no bigger then a womprat. Sleep, Charm, Disintegrate and Stoning eyes/avatars were all faced as the PC wandered from room to room. Some of the old Queens eyes were kept by the party. Eventually the eyes were summoned to the center chamber. Ford, the beholder mage, had made his way through the breach made by the PCs and obtained one of the beholder suits used by the old mysterious nation. The huge beholder had started his attack on the newly arrived beholder nation that once cast him out. In the middle of his attack the PCs attacked. An epic battle ensued between the weakened would be heroes and Ford, weakened as he was by his attempts to get to the captains chamber. Ford died, some heroes died and the queen’s eye fell to the ground. The ravager stopped moving and the eyes of the beholder nation outside the Deathstar turned to the mighty ship.


Experience of 7200 for 12th level characters and 6741 for 13th level characters.

GP for each character is 7,000

Beholder Deathstar!

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